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Vehicle Glass Repair & Replacement

in Duncansville, PA, & Nearby Area

Trust Our Technician to Repair or Replace the Glass Correctly

Whether you have a two-door or four-door car, pickup truck, SUV, tractor, bulldozer or crane, if the vehicle or heavy equipment have windows, there is a chance the glass will get chipped, cracked or shattered. When you encounter that kind of bad luck, you need to contact the professionals at Randy Moyer Auto Glass LLC to fix your luck and your vehicle’s glass. Our technicians will inspect the damage and either repair the crack or chip or replace the glass, even if it is specialty glass. Do not try to fix the glass yourself because the glass could be incorrectly installed. Trust our professional technicians to perform mobile repair or replacement at your location correctly. To get in touch with us at any time of the day, call (814) 696-0995.

Randy Moyer Replaces or Repairs Glass in These Vehicles

Two-Door Cars
Four-Door Cars
Pickup Trucks

Tractor Trailers
Garbage Trucks
Dump Trucks
Moving Vans
Recreational Vehicles  

We Can Repair the Damage if the Chip or Crack is Small Enough

Sometimes the damage to your vehicle glass is small enough that we can repair it instead of totally replacing the glass. If the glass has a small chip or if the crack is shorter than a dollar bill, Randy Moyer Auto Glass can install replacement glass. As soon as you notice a chip or crack in your vehicle’s glass, you should call us to repair it. The sooner that you act, the better your chances of the chip or crack not growing, and improving your chances of avoiding a glass replacement. The repair process is done quickly and efficiently.

Glass Replacement is Sometimes the Best and Safest Option

When your vehicle’s windshield, driver’s side window, passenger side window, rear window, quarter glass, side mirror or truck slider shatters, sustains a crack longer than a dollar bill or suffers a chip larger than a quarter, replacement is likely the route Randy Moyer Auto Glass will take. Do not drive your vehicle if your windshield is shattered because it will compromise your safety! We can work with you to file an insurance claim, and our technician will safely remove your broken glass, install the new glass, including original equipment glass, and vacuum any broken glass from the inside of your vehicle. 

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